As of 1st of July 2021 there are new rules for EU citizens living in the UK and for those who wish to come to the UK to live, study or work here. If you are an EU national and do not have EU Settlement Status, you will not be able to legally stay in the UK.

  • You will not be able to work in the UK
  • You will not be entitled to benefits
  • You will not be entitled to housing

Professionals sometimes call this ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ (NRPF).


If you have been in the UK before 31 December 2021, you can make a late EU Settlement Scheme application. Usually, late applications are accepted from children, people who lack mental capacity and those who are digitally excluded. Listen to the video made by Roma Support Group on the application process:

For further support, you can contact Rights of Women for legal advice or your local Roma organisation.


St. Mungo’s Roma Rough Sleeping Team put together a number of audio explanations around employment. Listen here:

Job Search

National Insurance Number

Zero Hour Contracts

Safety and Security while looking for work


Luton Roma Trust has created videos on enrolling your children at school, please watch them here:

Child Protection

This short film is based on a true story and looks at child protection from a Roma parent’s point of view:

This short film looks is narrated by Roma community members in Romanes. It talks about child protection in England and what Roma parents can do to work with services.

For Further Information and Support

Roma Support Group offers more resources for the Roma Community. Follow this link to learn more about: Coronavirus, The UK National Census; Reporting hate crime; Brexit and the EU Settlement Scheme; Children and Parenting; Financial Inclusion; Health information. Follow this link for resources on the UK education system; UK housing system; online English classes.

Can a Family Member Mind My Children?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse and worry about your children’s safety, would you like a family member to support you by minding the children? This is called kinship care.