Healthy relationships

The Traveller Movement created a Healthy Relationships Toolkit to help young people spot the warning signs of abuse and know their rights in a relationship.

Healthy Relationships Toolkit

Find out more about consent, online safety, gender roles and relationship red flags below!

Inspirational Romani (Gypsy), Roma and Irish Traveller women - A Timeline

Consent - it's as simple as tea!

When can I legally get married?

Test yourself with the following questions below and click to reveal the answers:

What is the youngest age someone can get married in England and Wales?

18 years old. Even if the person under 18 consents and has permission from their parents, they cannot marry until they turn 18.

If you get married overseas when you are under the legal age in the UK and you come back to live in the UK, is the marriage recognised in England and Wales?

No. While it was historically possible, marriages officiated in Scotland and Northern Ireland cannot bypass the new legislation for people who ordinarily live in England and Wales.

What happens if someone gets married before they turn 18?

Adults over 18 found guilty of arranging the marriages can face sentences of up to 7 years in prison. 16-year-olds cannot be charged as they would be seen as victims by the law. If a 16-year-old married an 18-year-old, the 18-year-old can be charged.

What is victim blaming?

This video shows just how ridiculous it is to blame someone for being a victim of a crime.

How to remove a video or image online

If you’re under 18, how to try get a photo or video removed:

Report Remove 

If you’re over 18, how to try get a photo or video removed:

  1. If you’re experiencing bullying, harassment, impersonation or receiving
    threats or other online abuse, you can report the harmful content here:
    Report Harmful Content
  2. If someone is threatening to share images or videos of you online, get support here:
    Stop NCII

How to be an online active bystander

Spotting the red flags

  • What colour would you assign to these statements, green (healthy),
    yellow (unhealthy) or red (abusive)?
  • Are some easier to name than others?
  • What do your family and friends think?If you disagree, explain your view and listen to theirs.

Further support

What age are you?

Under 18

Childline – you can contact Childline about anything at all.

‘Childline Report Remove’ is here to help young people under 18 in the UK to confidentially report images and videos of themselves and remove them from the internet.

11-25 years old

Over 18

School boy crying

Stop Shaming!

Over the past few years, we have seen many online ‘Traveller shame pages’ and ‘Gypsy shame pages’ that aim to publicly humiliate other members of their own community. We are finding support services and educating them on the issues of shame, scandal and discrimination.

Listen to LGBT Travellers' Stories

From previous peer support groups, we have created videos and shared our life experiences. The one below focuses on the lives of LGBT Travellers.

What legal support is there for a victim of domestic abuse?

While there are many orders in the Family Court, there are two types of court orders for domestic abuse (‘injunctions’) that you may be able to apply for. Learn more here.

Are You Scared of Ending the Relationship?

Whether you choose to stay in the relationship or leave, there are safety issues and risks to think about. Read this list of tips to keep yourself safe.